Grout Socket Assembly

Within the Grout Socket Assembly range are the Non-Return Valve, Grout Plug, Plug Sealing Washer, and the External Waterbar. Available in various sizes, ranging from 80mm long to 217mm long.

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Grout/lifting sockets:
With capacities ranging from 100kN to in excess of 300kN, we have a range of sockets to cover all circumstances. Available in standard lengths of 80, 130, 168 and 217mm, but can be extended to any length with the use of our extension tubes.

Our sockets can be supplied with end caps, and non-return valves that can be inserted from the intrados to allow proof grouting.

To suit our grout/lifting sockets are available with different seals depending on the sealing pressure required and have been tested to pressures in excess of 15 Bar

Non-Return Valve:
Manufactured to suit our own sockets with a 'triple start' thread that allows the valve to be fitted from the intrados of the tunnel and with standard threads for use in Bentonite Injection systems in Microtunnels and shafts.

End Caps:
For situations where the socket is either used for segment erection only or for proof grouting.

Extension Tube:
Made to any length and fitted with an end cap if required.